Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friedbook & Fiendface

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My gut reaction is ... revulsion.

Facebook is a necessary evil. Everyone (well, almost everyone) has an account. It is the only way to keep in touch with some folks - people who don't blog, don't use e-mail - the sheep who feel comfortable being fleeced in a flock.

Twitter is just frivolous. (I ke

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ep an account as an emergency communication channel.)

Losing the integrity and functionality of Friendfeed is devastating. Just hours before the announcement I had finally massaged my user lists to a point where I was beginning to see FF working correctly. In my case, being unknown, it was finding the balance between too many and too few folks to follow. That coupled with what "News" feeds to include. I had just arrived at a working balance.


My social media networking community has just become more focused. Here is how it is going to work, give or take a little massaging (messaging)...

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I use Google Reader to stay current with the 'feeds' - those folks and entities that consistently offered real world views. My responses, observations, blatherings, et al will eventually find themselves published in this Blog. Pa^2 Patois. Then through the magic (which I don't do) of the intertubes my humble offerings will be distributed to those other venues - Pa^2 Patois (Posterous), Papa@FriendFeed, Facebook, and finally Twitter.

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Losing FriendFeed is the equivalent of having an intertubal ligation. While such a declaration is both premature and unduly terse I am and will continue to be an advocate for ...

Open Society and Culture ...a CGI ant carrying a digital grain of rice...
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