Sunday, January 03, 2016

Not so Still Life

While the title of this post is an homage to Richard Brautigan's "Still Life with Woodpecker" here at the Flying Pig Ranch & Thistle Farm life is not so still.  Rummaged around in the shed and finally located that little green cage thing with its hanging chain.  Remembered to get the suet block the last time I was in the bird feeder section.  Rewarded this afternoon with a Downy Woodpecker...

Downy Woodpecker Photo

Spent about ten minutes clinging to the cage and hammering the suet block.

Life is good, but not still.  

Saturday, January 02, 2016

The Allure of Linux

Once the passion of a faction

Now the dream of the mainstream
Once the allure of the obscure
Now it puts the punk in Steam

Fast forward to today ...  Ubuntu just works.  But the romance is gone.  Now it is just work.

Linux is dead.  Long live Linux.

Friday, January 01, 2016


When Google Reader, the best that ever was, closed its digital doors I went looking for an alternative.  But in this day and age of social media do I even need such an archaic system?

A resounding "YES!"

After cycling through a number of off-line and on-line RSS readers I settled on Feedly.  It allows me to manage the large industrial feeds.  It shows me fingernail previews of graphic based sites.  It lets me view complete articles from feeds that honor such requests.  But most important of all it remembers to check those obscure feeds that are not updated on a regular basis.  Frank Paynter''s Listics, Patrick Kurp's Anecdotal Evidence, Betsy Devine's Funny Ha-Ha or Funny Peculiar and Olha Pryymak's olechko - blog (who's paintings I have admired for a long time but have become too expensive for my meager means.  Alas.)

Monday, September 28, 2015

Campbell's Wicked Thai-Style Chicken Soup...

I was surprised to even see Campbell's Wicked Thai-Style Chicken Soup on the shelves of our local Kroger.  Afterall, $HOME is not in the middle of high cuisine.  In fact $HOME is almost in the middle of culinary nowhere.  The standing joke is you can't get here from... anywhere.  So I was excited.  The promise of exotic flavors from far away.  And, if that weren't enough, it says "Wicked" right on the label.  (Side note: B, my wife, is from Massachusetts and those folks bring special meaning to the word 'wicked'.)

 Well, I have to say that the excitement wore off pretty quickly.  Armed with my preconceptions, predicated on dining at our favorite Thai restaurant, Thai Papaya, I came face to face with... Meh!
Where I expected some distinct flavors all I ended up with was a muddled mouth.  Where I was used to spiciness characterized as Medium, Hot and GO-TO-HOSPITAL I had high hopes for "Wicked".  It hardly made its way, crawling, to Mild.

I won't elaborate on what I assume was a slice of mushroom.

Since i buy soups two at a time I will dutifully eat the second can.  I will give it a second chance.  And maybe now that my expectations have been knocked down a couple of notches I will discover something different.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Adblocker Wars redux

My position is simple.  You cannot unhear things and you cannot unsee things.

"Oh, I just don't pay attention to all those ads."

If we had the perfect ability to filter our environment, to in fact only see or hear what we wanted then I might accept that.  But we don't.  My first hand knowledge of this comes from those few minutes I spend on the treadmill at the gym.  This is my willful and thankfully limited exposure to commercial television.  During those 20 or so minutes I am bombarded with ads.  Mind-numbing, hammering, repetitive invasions of my consciousness and psyche.

I feel insulted.  I feel assaulted.  I begin to have feelings of inadequacy.  I begin to feel that I am missing something - that new car, fresh breath, personal social standing, or even a right relationship with my old BFF Flo (Progressive Insurance).  How could I let Flo down by not buying my insurance from her.

All of that from just twenty plus minutes of television exposure.

I was an early adopter of ad blocking technology.  On those occasions when I use a system that doesn't block ads I am literally surprised at the amount of NOISE that is present on almost every web site I visit.  Noise which adds nothing of value to the site.  And that is the crux of my argument supporting ad blockers.  An argument that could easily be turned if the ads brought more value to the site.

And now a word from our sponsor...

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The only reason to eat at a restaurant.

To quote Tom Waits, "...Get you a little something that you can't get at home..."  Now get your mind out of the gutter, we all know what Tom meant but the sentiment is the same when it comes to food.

The only reason to eat at a restaurant, beyond a social gathering, is to get something that you likely wouldn't make at home.  A good example for me is Pad Thai.  While not difficult per se this is a dish that requires a significant amount of speciality ingredients and by some accounts a looooong prep time.  This is difficult when cooking for just two people.

There is one "restaurant" that I do like appreciate love.  It only serves one meal a week.  Everything is hand-made from scratch and locally sourced.  Here is the menu.  So in addition to an incredible meal A Simple Path is a reverse soup kitchen.

A Simple Path is the program in which students (who come from homelessness and poverty) learn nutrition, sanitation, meal preparation, and menu selection. Then, for Friday lunch, they serve the public the food they’ve prepared on a donation basis. All funds are put back into the program, and let A Simple Path have more students!
Now that there is something that you can't get at home.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

A Simple Life

I have worked in the Theatre, both on and off stage.  I ran away with a circus.  I've been a radio announcer.  I have been an EMT. I have toured long distance on a bicycle.  I tended bar. I have spent summers in Mexico.  I have assisted with the commissioning of a manufacturing plant in the Bahamas.  I have been in 48 of the United States of America.  I have been to Canada, Norway, Denmark, Japan, Thailand and China.  I have roadied for more bands than I can remember, so I made a list*.  I have spent weeks firing an Anagama kiln with Ken Shenstone.  I have worked in the Disaster Relief kitchens.  I have been a high school substitute Teacher and a Community College adjunct instructor.  I have worked now for the same company for 22+ years.  And I am the proud Papa of three beautiful children, all now grown.  And I have been married to a wonderful woman who has put up with me for 33+ years.

I say all that not to brag but to acknowledge that I have had the privilege of leading an exciting, complicated life.  Recently, however, I have done a bit of navel gazing and I have come to the realization that my wife "B" and I lead simple lives.

We sleep, I work out at the gym and spend my weekdays at the office.  I come home and cook dinner (they say I can Cook), we watch a bit of Netflix, rinse and repeat.  Weekends are Farmer's Market, coffee with eldest daughter "R", and groceries.  An afternoon might be spent mowing the "yard" or little home improvement projects.  Yesterday it was making one of these.  Good use of scraps from the construction of our porch.  Important note: this is not fine craftsmanship!  This is built to theater specs; functional and won't fall apart.

Cool mornings, a luxury here in Kentucky, are spent on the porch watching the humming birds fuss and dance.

Today, Sunday, I will spend a bit of time in the sanctuary of Kitchen Church.  I finished putting together the Guacamole about 0745.  From an old family recipe handed down from father (he really could cook) to son.  Our secret ingredient?  Bacon.  Try it the next time and tell me that everything doesn't go better with bacon.  In a little bit I will start the prep for shrimp and veggie kabobs.  Light fare on a warm summer afternoon.  Plus I can do them on the grill and not heat up the house.

Coming next: The only reason to eat at a restaurant.

*Rent-a-Bum Shows
Terrie Clark
Sunshine Boys w/ Frank Gorshin
Merle Haggard
Lorie Morgan
Temptations (2)
David Allen Coe
Dr. John
Don Williams
Beach Boys
Willie Nelson
Loretta Lynn (2)
Crystal Gayle
Trace Lawrence
Aaron Tippin (3)
Keith Urban
Don McClean
Joe Cocker
Brad Paisley
John Micheal Montgomery
Gary Allen
George Jones
Sammy Kershaw
Air Supply
Ricky Scaggs
Men At Work
Blake Shelton
Trace Atkins
Charlie Daniels Band
Grand Funk Railroad
1964 - The Beatles Tribute
Kentucky Headhunters
Van Dells
Ronnie Milsap
Formerly Blind
Audio Adrenalin
Building 429
Little River Band
Trick Pony
Dickie Betts
Dr. Hook & Ray Sawyer
Travis Tritt
.38 Special
Gary Allen

. . .