Thursday, July 05, 2018

Stupidity Pride

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I too am proud of my stupidity.

Without reservation I insist that my views are absolutely, unconditionally correct.  Which in turn establishes a Me-vs.-The Rest of Y'all dynamic.  It also legitimizes the inverse, "without reservation y'all's views are absolutely, unconditionally correct."

There was a time when we, collectively, knew and understood that there was us and then there were really, really smart people.  Yes, we made it through high school.  Some of us even got that 2-year degree at the community college.  A few went on to get that 4-year degree from university.  And then there was the one or two people who were truly smart enough to continue in higher education to become Doctors or Lawyers or Engineers.

Then came the New Egalitarian Society.  Egalitarian was originally defined as, "relating to or believing in the principle that all people are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities. (Google)  The equality cited here is the reason that the high school graduate's opinions and values are just as legitimate and valid as those of a Doctor or Lawyer.  After all, we are all equal.  Aren't we?

So when everyone's opinions and values are equal then by the further equality of one-person-one-vote then the largest group of like-minded people get to make the decisions.

Well, heck fire, everyone knows that book-learning is just a liberal conspiracy to subjugate folks that don't have enough money to go to college.  I learnt everythin' I ever needed to know when I was in the third grade.  'Sides, what was good enough fer my Pa is good enough fer my kids.  All's they need to know is how to work hard.

Makin' 'Merica Great Again is exactly what its all about.  Don't need no Constitutional scholar to tell us no different.  Just wish all them other folks weren't so danged stoopid.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Wastin' away again in...a conch shell...with my ass in a lawn chair.

Gawd how I loved Jimmy Buffett.    I sank neck deep in the hot-tub of lost salt shakers and pirate dreams.  I savored the literary lines of Quixotic adventures.  I went to Paris, wearing a pencil thin moustache, ran in to a chum and ended up with one more tattoo.

Then I heard Kenny. You might have hear of him, Kenny Chesney.


Then I heard Zac Brown.


Then it dawned on me.

I had slipped into a dream.  Having been to one of the "Rocks" in the Caribbean I knew a little about fast cars and tiki bars, bartenders kissed by the sun, clear blue ocean waters.  I had experienced first hand the lure of white sand beaches and tall icy-fruity-rum drinks with little umbrellas.  So I knew exactly how this dream would end.

Yet the songs persisted.  They demanded.  They commanded ... me.  They insisted that my entire existence wouldn't be worth an ol' pickup-dawg-ex-wife song if I didn't sell everything and buy a boat.

Today is Monday.  I was able to steal an extra 10 minutes to sit on the porch this morning before resuming my real world responsibilities.  I suppose the dream is ok for celebrities who can afford to slink off to some tropical get away after a season of stadium shows.  But those extra 10 minutes are worth more than any dream.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Throw Back Post: Quick Sherman, to the WayBack machine...

Specialists and knowledgeable folks agree that olfactory stimulation can promote the most evocative memories. I am here to tell ya...

I opened a package of Archer Farms Apricot 100% real fruit strip (Target house brand) ... took a bite... and was transported to my grandmother's apricot orchard outside Hollister California.

There is nothing closer to God, nothing more dear, than walking down through the orchard early in the morning and picking a ripe plump apricot from the tree. God points out the one you should choose by highlighting it with a glistening drop of dew. Turning it gently, breaking it along the seam, laying open the halves. Then that first glorious bite into the soft succulent flesh. Ah, ambrosia!

When the fruit is just-so ripe, as only Grampa Ray can tell then it is harvest time. He will go off to Tres Pinas and hire a crew of migrant workers to come in and pick. Then the cutters begin to drift in. One older couple have come down every season for the last 12 years to cut apricots. They say it is good retirement money and besides it is a chance to get out and do something they love.

So we stand around 3'x10' foot wooden trays with a lug of fresh picked apricots at our side and we cut. And we chat. And we cut. Grandma always gets a couple boxes of those fruit knives. Some with the small pointy blades, some with the longer squarish ends. Just depends on which one you favor.

And you cut. Starting at the stem hole, following the seam down one side and back up the other side. Gently split the apricot apart, flick the pit loose into a coffee can and then lay the halves face up on the drying tray. Repeat. Again...and again...and again.

But it is all good.

After 7 or 8 feet of stacked trays of cut fruit are assembled they are wheeled into the sulfur house. Grampa Ray carefully sets the the measured pile of sulfur alight and then seals up the tar paper 'house'. The next morning the house is opened and the trays are taken out. All of the fruit is still round and wobbly. Grampa drives them slowly to the lower end of the orchard and lays them out on the ground in the direct sunlight. When I peak there are trays covering every open patch of ground as far as the eye can see.

Good bye Stephen W. Hawking

Stephen W. Hawking died today.

The cosmos will be a little smaller today.

Our lives are so much greater today.

No matter what you thought, saw or believed Stephen W. Hawking challenged you.  Whether it was the very simple acknowledgement of a brilliant mind held in the antithesis of the David male form.  Or the multidimensional perspectives that Mr. Hawking saw so clearly.  His vision of our reality brought us to new frontiers.

The cosmos has lost a true pioneer.

Good bye Stephen W. Hawking.

Monday, March 12, 2018

55 Hours of Shakespeare - Open Culture

Open Culture is one of the most engaging sites of our times.

Here is a great example: 55 Hours of Shakespeare

Note: I used to post these links on Fazebook - time to wean myself off digital crack.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

The Quieting of America

It is paradoxical that I should suggest that America becomes quiet while writing a blog posting.

Thoughtful, conscientious, concerned, caring Americans need to pause.  Take a slow deep breath and promote silence.  In their thinking, in their hearts and most importantly in their voices.

Corruption, deceit and deception flourishes in the reverberating echo chamber of our collective psyche.  Our "leaders" rely on this audio earthquake to keep us in a constant state of reactivity.

In our quiet, non-reactive state, we can clearly see the manipulation.  In our quiet we can begin to center on the real values of our lives. 

Friday, February 16, 2018

Trump, Guns and Money = More Prison/Schools

My initial response to learning that Donnie was going to speak at Parkland; it must be on the way to the golf course.

Schools are not the sacred hallowed halls that they should be because... parents have failed to raise their children with a sense of personal self worth, compassion, imagination, intellect, curiosity, understanding, and most lacking, a desire to learn.

Instead they have shirked that responsibility.  "Oh, its too hard, let's leave it to the professionals."

America's teachers are among the lowest paid (in our economy).  They are poorly resourced - what other job has employees bringing supplies from home at their own expense?  Teachers are expected to manage and control large groups of unruly young people without any recourse but to take the forthcoming abuse.  Abuse that the un-parented students know they can impart with impunity.  (Reads: They know they can get away with sh*tty behavior and not be punished.)

So what are America's answers?  Let's start by turning already minimum security prisons Schools into medium security prisons Schools.  Let's add more prison School guards.  Let's make sure the guards are equipped armed to "manage" any perceived threat circumstances.  Let's borrow from the existing penal system and practice "Lockdowns" as a way to "protect" our precious children.

Let's take all the same precautions that as a society we take to protect ourselves from criminals.

Why does this resonate so completely with today's horrific news?

Because we, as parents, have allowed our children to behave like the criminals we insist on putting in prisons.

My apologies to

Warren Zevon - Lawyers, Guns and Money - YouTube

Unfortunately the premise of this song is exactly why we face out current problem.

. . .