Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's my fault

It is my fault that Joel Spolsky has not received the credit that he deserves. Let me make it up to him and to you by directing your attention to Joel's post

Seven steps to remarkable customer service

I will go so far as to tease you dear reader with the actual 7 steps...
1. Fix everything two ways
2. Suggest blowing out the dust
3. Make customers into fans
4. Take the blame
5. Memorize awkward phrases
6. Practice puppetry
7. Greed will get you nowhere
8. (Bonus!) Give customer service people a career path

I know, I know... 8 must be the new 7... [But this is a prime example of following Step #1 Fix everything two ways (Hint: The short-term 'make the customer happy' fix and then the long-term fix the problem correctly fix.) (Hint: "Giving customer service people a career path." is the correct long-term fix.)

So, your money is no good here. The next customer service call is on me.

Give me a call. We are always here for you.

. . .