Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Theology needs transformation

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Jan 24, 2012

Theology needs transformation 


  • 65% of the work in the world is done by women;
  • 12% of the paid salaries in the world go to women;
  • 2% of properties in the world are on the hands of women;
  • 1 in each 6 women in the world is a victim of incest;
  • 1 in each 4 women will experience some form of sexual violence in life;75% of people that die of hunger are women and children;
  • In all the world, women do not earn the same salary as men;
  • In all the world, the education level of women is lower than that of men;
  • In countries where women have more diplomas than men, the tendency is for less educated men to hold higher positions, changing, therefore, the criterion of promotion;98% of structural decisions are made by men; 
  • In all the world, women are more dependent on the land than men;
  • In many places of the world, the majority of abortions is of girls.

Given that, the lesson the Feminist Theology teaches us is that before worrying about explaining reality, theologies must pay attention to an unjust reality that needs transformation. This situation must be taken as a theological challenge that requires an urgent answer seeking changes.


Felipe Fanuel Xavier Rodrigues

Towards a daily theology: listening to the unheard voices


from "Teologias com Sabor de Mangostão". Isabel Aparecida Felix 

Translation from Portuguese by Gustavo Frederico  



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