Sunday, September 18, 2011

Contradictions: Why this stated position is disingenuous

Perhaps this author is only trying to be cute but the underlying message is devastating.  Moreover, the implication that 'science is horrid' is disingenuous. For it is only by the work of science that "machinery", "mainspring", "hydraulics", and "x-ray" are even possible.  

The Horrid Voice of Science

by Vachel Lindsay

"There's machinery in the 
   There's a mainspring to the 
There's hydraulics to a daisy,
   And contraptions to a tree.

"If we could see the birdie
      That makes the chirping sound
With x-ray, scientific eyes,
   We could see the wheels go 

And I hope all men
Who think like this
Will soon lie

[LINK: Vachel Lindsay ]

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