Sunday, September 18, 2011

Call to non-violent revolution: the New Social Revolution

We must first as individuals and then as a body enter into a non-violent insurgency against forces that remove our self-worth, our self-respect and most importantly our dignity.

The corner stone of our non-violent revolution will be: Living within our needs.

When we break the cycle of desire we will being to escape the trap of materialism.  When we live within our needs we begin to escape the trap that our profit driven captors hold us in.  Succumbing to their fabricated crises of fake hunger and contrived vanity we willingly allow their influence to color our otherwise healthy decision making process.

We must allow ourselves to make better, healthy decisions.

We must live intentional lives, accepting personal responsibility by living to the measure of our needs.

When we deny supporting the driving efforts of desire driven profiteers we throw of the yoke of their false desires.

- Papa


William Meloney VII
Voice: 270-215-4275

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