Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's time to drop Fox.

It's time to drop Fox.

UPDATE: Glenn Beck's latest conspiracy theory target is a 78-year-old academic who, 45 years ago, published an article with her husband which posited that people overwhelming the welfare rolls could put enough stress on the system that it would force the need for certain reforms to help the poor.

The result? City University of New York professor and longtime advocate for the poor and working class, Frances Fox Piven has been receiving repeated death threats on online message boards and has personally received angry and violent emails.

Beck's characterization of Piven as an "enemy" who wants to "intentionally collapse our economic system" has consequences. In light of Beck's attacks and their consequences, and Fox News' refusal to rein Beck in, it is irresponsible for companies to supportany programming on Fox News with their advertising dollars.

drop fox

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