Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Probable-Possible, my black hen,
She lays eggs in the Relative When.
She doesn't lay eggs in the Positive Now
Because she's unable to postulate How.
                -- Frederick Winsor

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Poem-A-Day: Dorothy Parker, The Passionate Freudian to His Love

The Passionate Freudian to His Love

Only name the day, and we'll fly away 
    In the face of old traditions, 
To a sheltered spot, by the world forgot, 
    Where we'll park our inhibitions. 
Come and gaze in eyes where the lovelight lies 
    As it psychoanalyzes, 
And when once you glean what your fantasies mean 
    Life will hold no more surprises. 
When you've told your love what you're thinking of 
    Things will be much more informal; 
Through a sunlit land we'll go hand-in-hand, 
    Drifting gently back to normal. 

While the pale moon gleams, we will dream sweet dreams, 
    And I'll win your admiration, 
For it's only fair to admit I'm there 
    With a mean interpretation. 
In the sunrise glow we will whisper low 
    Of the scenes our dreams have painted, 
And when you're advised what they symbolized 
    We'll begin to feel acquainted. 
So we'll gaily float in a slumber boat 
    Where subconscious waves dash wildly; 
In the stars' soft light, we will say good-night— 
    And "good-night!" will put it mildly. 

Our desires shall be from repressions free— 
    As it's only right to treat them. 
To your ego's whims I will sing sweet hymns, 
    And ad libido repeat them. 
With your hand in mine, idly we'll recline 
    Amid bowers of neuroses, 
While the sun seeks rest in the great red west 
    We will sit and match psychoses. 
So come dwell a while on that distant isle 
    In the brilliant tropic weather; 
Where a Freud in need is a Freud indeed, 
    We'll always be Jung together.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tech FAIL - The blank registration form.

As an IT professional I receive an untold number of invitations to attend cyber (as well as Brick&Mortar) "Conferences".  The majority of these invites come in the form of e-mails.  I am encouraged to Register by clicking the embedded URL.  Now I can understand the opt-in need for registration - if for no other reason than to determine the possible number of attendees.  However the MAJOR FAIL comes when the registration link delivers me to a yard long form.  An empty form.  I am expected to spend valuable time filling out the same information that I filled out to get such "invitations".

To round out the rant let me be clear - such "Conferences" are thinly veiled captured audience SALES pitches.  So, if you want me to sit through you promotion the very least you can do is fill out the form for me (which I know is possible as a few do come that way.  But not many).

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