Friday, August 06, 2010

Let loose the dogs... of rhetoric.

I guess if all you have is a Military-Industrial mentality then all you can see is war.  I was insulted when I read the following headline and then the subsequent snippet that is accessible before hitting the WSJ-pay-wall.  John Lee is the worst sort of saber-rattling 50's propaganda fear mongering profit. <= Spelled correctly - sensational journalism sells something.

China's Rise and the Road to War


As with Germany a century ago, an emerging power is overestimating its capabilities.
To draw such an archaic comparison as 'Germany a century ago' to the current world circumstance is broaching the irresponsible.  There isn't a country on the planet that is seeking any sort of 'world domination'.   Besides, China has already won.  Their reign as the pre-eminent wold power will last well beyond our short lifetimes or even shorter memories.
To paraphrase Steven Wright, "If China had everything, where would it put it?"  The answer is "Everywhere."  Silly John Lee, China has already won and we are still right where we are.

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