Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Japanese robot baby is terrifying

"This newest Japanese robot baby is terrifying. It is more proof of why we must order Japan to cease and desist in making any and all robots. There is no middle ground that can be had in this matter."

"Japan has lead the world in robot production, for several years now. We’ve told about how they’ve created fire-breathing robots, robot priests, ‘companion’ robots for dire pleasures and even friend-ship robots, to teach and talk to children when they are lonely. All of these things are immoral and against natural order.

There is nothing to replace a good, standard relationship between humans as was ordained by our creation. If robots were meant to be, they would have been accounted for in the creation story. Instead, these machines will be used to try to usurp mankind’s role in our very own lives."

Honest to God Link: ChrisTwire.org

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