Friday, May 28, 2010

Senators Propose...

I wanted to write a scathing diatribe about the revocation of personal rights and freedoms.  I wanted to talk about the knee-jerk reactions of closing-the-barn-door politicians.  I wanted to rail against the addled If-you-disagree-with-this-you-must-be-a-terrorist-too mind set.  I wanted to escape the fear and paranoia perspectives of my fellow country men and women.

Instead I guess I will just keep my mouth shut and take careful notes about my neighbors, and the other members of the congregation, and doings at the Rotary Club, not to mention the Chamber of Commerce...oh and that curious fellow that runs the QuickieMart.  Can't be too careful you know. 

Citing the Times Square bombing suspect, who used a prepaid cell phone, two Senators have proposed legislation that would end anonymous use of prepaid mobile phone service. 

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