Saturday, July 18, 2009

Headline Questions - a cheap journalist ploy.

It would appear that we have become a society of questions.

Russia: Which way with the WTO?

Is Instant-On Chrome OS's Killer App?

QOTD: Are You Going 32 or 64-bit for Windows 7?

Israel: Does Violence Pay?

Chrome OS to Bring More Linux IT Jobs?

Azerbaijan: Overzealous minions?

Microsoft Window 7: Is New OS The Beginning Of XP's End?

Journalism or what passes for it these days is little more than reiteration of sound bytes and cut&paste press releases. What seems to be the objective is to entice the reader into rereading the pablum. To this end authors or more probably editors try to shift the responsibility from the writers to the readers.

I have written before that when I am asked a question the onus of the responsibility shifts from the asker to the askee. I have become increasingly uncomfortable with this shift. I find myself in the onerous position of either ignoring the question - and as such becoming the "Bad Guy". All too often the plaintive whimper issues forth, "I was only asking a question."

Or, should I pay attention to the question, I am faced with the ever present threats of dealing with a rhetorical question or even worse an inane (go-google-your-own-answer-question). The worst by far is the "I can ask you a question to remind you that I have the power to ask such questions." In all three cases I must accept the onus of responsibility (and do the work) of answering counter-productive questions.

For supposed journalists to rely on such a questionable practice speaks to their lack of initiative. The News should be reported as statements of fact - as best be determined by diligent research. Editorial content should be equally reported with straight forward declaration instead of whining attempts to garner interest or agreement.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Politkovskaya laureate murdered

Russia: Politkovskaya laureate murdered

This morning, prominent Russian Human Rights activist Natalya Estemirova was abducted from her home in Ingushetia by armed men. She was later found dead, a bullet through her heart. As mainstream media reports just another death of an activist - even when it comes to the assassination of one of the country's leading Human Rights' adovcates - some bloggers react with abhorrence.


Estemirova and Kovalev receive the Robert Schuman Medal

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Because no one is above the Law!

Cheney trail of death

Send and e-card: Demand a Special Prosecutor

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why my teenager doesn't twitter

  1. Twitter doesn't belong to us. Like, Zanga was ours and so was, like, MySpace. For sure lately Facebook is becoming cool but only because, like, I know a bunch of college kids since I became a Junior.
  2. Twitter only works good if everyone is, like, on at the same time an' half of us are at the Mall, duh!
  3. And speaking of "Duh!" I really, like, don't want Jane to know exactly, like, what I am saying about Dick. Sheeeesh, that's like really dumb.
  4. Oh yeah, and like, did I mention that Twitter is just, like, dumb. S'like soooo many rules and stuff.
  5. Mostly I just don't wanna hear, like, you are always griping 'cause I am sitting in front of your computer. Like, that is all you do, like, all day long, is sit in front of your computer.
Like, gimme a break, Twitter is for dweebs...
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