Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Content please and Provider thank-you

I think it is outstanding that Microsoft is developing "Live" apps to run in the Google Chrome OS environment.  I particularly enjoy the irony of Microsoft being 'blind-sided' by this new technology ... until I reflect on the new "Papa" rule: "It is not the content it is the provider."

My insight is born of my current effort to bring a working model of SharePoint 2010 Beta into fruition.  Most notable is the instant integration into my Active Directory (AD) domain.  From the first sign-on SharePoint is appointed with an abundance of behind-the-scenes services.  Features and functions that I will not have to programmatically implement - they are just in there.  So, faced with the ease of development - where the content is the same regardless of the environment - why shouldn't I choose a 'provider' that affords me so many perks?

Google may well field an excellent OS platform but in a business environment SharePoint will most likely be the provider of choice.

Just my $0.02

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