Sunday, September 20, 2009

Red Hat & Hummingbird dancing...

Geeks among you might jump to the conclusion that I am talking about Linux and a document management system.  HA!

I was sitting in the side yard contemplating if the sprinkles were going to be enough to drive me back inside when they came.  Apparently they were drawn by the red hat that I was wearing.  I sat stock still.  The first one circled and then hovered so close to my left ear that I could feel the wind from it wings.  The second, not to be outdone, jockeyed for a dominant air space position.   I sat stock still.  Fast moving blurs in my peripheral vision and the trill drum beats of their wings let me know they are dancing mid-air over my head.  Just as suddenly they were gone leaving only silence in their stead.

Okay, just one geek aside... the red hat or more properly baseball cap was a swag gift from the Novell folks who came to speak at out techno-group a couple of years ago.  It was my reward for asking leading Linux questions so they could amplify and sing their product's praises.

Ah but the hummers don't really care about all that, they just like to posture and dance.

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