Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Winer nailed it!

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And that imho is the answer -- we, the users, need to own a technology company -- and have it work to serve our interests. It has to help us achieve our goals to do what we are excited about.

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So that's what I'd like you all to think about -- founding a People's Software Company whose first act is to IPO and pool the financial resources of users who believe there is a gap in what Silicon Valley is providing using their old models for corporate structure. We're living in the proof that the gap exists, with all the failures of the centralized system in just the last week. See if your imagination takes you to the same place it takes me.

 In order to meet the needs of users -- we, the users, need to own a technology company...  Call it communal computing, call it cyber-socialism, call it anything you want... we need systems that serve the community and are not just Merger & Acquisition fodder.

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