Friday, August 07, 2009

It might be Friday...

News: Fake egg in Myanmar

Warning from the Ministry of Health

On 31 July, Myanmar official news papers report about fake eggs entering Myanmar through border from neighbouring countries. According to official announcement from Ministry of Health, fake eggs made by chemical means are appearing in markets along the border areas as well as some markets inside Myanmar. These eggs are similar to ordinary eggs and cannot be distinguished easily.

Made with chemical powders

According to the announcement, the white of the fake egg is made of benzoic acid, jelly, unknown chemical substance, chemicals used in the production of starch gravy and baking powder. The yolk of the fake egg is made of unknown yellow substance, mixed with unknown fluid and calcium chloride. This fluid is known as “magic water“.

These two parts (fake yolk and fake white) are poured into the plastic mould to make fake egg. Magic water prevents the two parts from mixing together, by forming a thin layer of film. The egg shell is made of a mixture of paraffin containing wax and an unknown white substance. This mixture is poured onto the formed yolk and white, let to dry for a few minutes. The result is a fake egg, indistinguishable to the real egg.


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