Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hunting gutter snipes
If you know what this is then you have a good idea what I did for my Saturday "Honey-Do" project. This odd thing-a-ma-bob is one well engineered little machine. So much so that I feel compelled to acknowledge it here. So here goes...

A couple of weeks ago, just before dark, the wind commenced to blow. Not your gentle kite-flying breeze but rather your precursor-to-a-wicked-storm gale force wind. It did blow. Then all of a sudden there were thunderous crashing sounds - obviously right on the roof over the kitchen. Said gale force wind had torn one end of the gutter loose and was proceeding to just beat it against the roof. Why it didn't come off completely I will never know. The flailing 14' section of gutter eventually folded up the incline of the roof and became lodged under the lip of one of the roof vents.

So I knew I needed some form of attaching device to reconnect the loose end of the gutter. Off to research my choices at Lowes. I looked at plastic brackets. I looked at 10-packs of Ferrule and Gutter screws. Then I spied the Amerimax 5-1/4" Aluminum Hidden Gutter Hanger. It was gutter love at first sight.

After a half hour of drill motor and right-sized-socket, extension cord and ladder logistics I was ready to scale the heights and do battle with the errant gutter. I gently eased it from beneath the roof vent lip. To my great surprise, like an extended tape measure rotated and bent, the gutter simply 'snapped' back into position. Only a very slight amount of adjusting was necessary to straighten out the kink. Even the proper slope was intact to insure the run-off runs off in the right direction.

Now all I had to do was fit these Hidden Gutter Hangers and screw them in. It took longer to go up and down and move the ladder six times than it did to re-secure the gutter. Ahhhhh... now I have plenty of time to do some real snipe hunting. Ha! Get your mind out of the gutter. I would never kill a snipe.

. . .