Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Open PPG not MPG or MPH

Toward the end of April I posted...

Open Applied Physics

55 MPH beats $3.50/GAL

I am revising my plan... I intend to increase my

PPG (People Per Gallon) ratio.

As I drove to work this morning I had one of those "I am so affluent" observation moments.

I am so affluent that I can afford to drive one of two
automobiles 20 miles one way alone to get to work.

Once again I am struck with my own arrogance and selfishness. I insist that I have my car with me at all times. This is so ingrained in our culture that we want to be a 'cowboy and his horse'. Americans have put mass or public transit out of business while blindly adhering to the rugged-individual stereotype.

During the school year I usually get 3 people to the gallon. This summer I have only been getting 2 people to the gallon. This week while my children are all off on mission trips I am only getting 1 person to a gallon. Next fall I hope to recoup by getting 4 people to the gallon.

I will still have to get to work and the children will still have to get to school. The only way to realize any significant fuel savings is if we travel together attaining a higher PPG ratio.

I am going to vote for Barack Obama.
I am William "Papa" Meloney and I endorse this message.

. . .