Friday, December 12, 2008

Awesome but...

I have been watching this window manager for X for some time. I like everything about it except for one small thing. One tiny thing really...


From the README file...
In order to build awesome itself, you need header files and libs of:
- cmake (>= 2.6)
- Xlib
- xproto
- xcb (>= 1.1)
- xcb-util (>= 0.3)
- Lua (>= 5.1)
- cairo built with xcb support
- pango and pangocairo
- libev
- glib
- Imlib2
- dbus (optional, use -DWITH_DBUS=OFF with cmake to disable)
- gperf

In order to build the awesome man pages and documentation,
you need these tools:
- asciidoc
- xmlto
- docbook XSL stylesheets
- luadoc

In order to build the source code reference, you need these tools:
- doxygen
- graphviz

Stock, right off of the .iso image, Slackware has allowed me to compile some pretty large applications with nothing more than...
make install
Then there are packages like awesome. I am not sure what Distro the author(s) of awesome are using. Perhaps theirs is natively better appointed. If, on the other hand, the author(s) had to download all this stuff just to develop the product then might want to reconsider.

The bottom line for me is if there are an excessive number of dependencies - I just turn my back on the product. it is sad and unfortunate but my time is valuable and I cannot afford to do the developer's work for them.

It might be awesome but...


. . .