Thursday, November 13, 2008

Micro Review: Kubuntu 8.10

Kubuntu installed flawlessly on VMWare Server

DHCP by default, that is OK at home but I need to set a static IP address.

Network "Connection" config is still lacking. First it was hard to find. Then it didn't set the new network configuration correctly. Finally while I was investigating from the command line (Bonus Tip: sudo bash ) the correct IP addy and netmask mysteriously appeared. All in all not very comfortable for this ol' admin.

KDE 4 is beautiful (and cumbersome) - Eye candy to appease the MS desktop junkies. Desktop widgets are OK. Personally I don't care for the perpetual coming-n-going of tool bars. Either show them or don't but fading in and out is a bit much every time the cursor moves across one.

I did not find the menu choices I expected (e.g. Firefox) Nuff said.


Kubuntu in a Microsoft world is a significant step in the right direction. It is ideally suited to Joe-the-Plummers who want a real OS and the stability that it brings to a home user's desktop.

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