Sunday, November 30, 2008

I want to go anywhere...


In pictures: world’s most dangerous places - Telegraph

In pictures: world’s most dangerous places - Telegraph

I know I am doing this link listing thing wrong but at least they are there.

I went to the Telegraph site and viewed ...

20 of the world's most dangerous places

The thing that leapt out at me was how much I would like to visit the places depicted in these photographs ... and how unwelcome I would be in most locales. Even in peaceful time I would not be welcome. Simply the color of my skin or my nation of origin would make me a target.

When I was very much younger I hitchhiked where ever I wanted to go. I summered in central Mexico without a care in the world. I thought nothing of walking the streets of New York City at all hours of the night. Perhaps I was naive, perhaps I was foolish. Either way I was able to go anywhere.

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