Saturday, March 22, 2008

Open Minefield (Mozilla's Firefox Beta)

I am delighted with Mozilla's latest Firefox Beta 3.

I am not one for specific technical detail. I am more a touchy-feely sort of fellow when it comes to evaluating software.

As such my comfort level is high when a program or application 'snaps' to my command. I feel best when the intuitive factor is high - the program does what it 'suggests' it will do.

One side effect of migrating to the new version is that some of the add-ons that I previously loaded no longer work. Initially this is frustrating because I did include them in my expectations. The up-side is that this instance of Firefox is not weighed down with "do-dads". Which I believe contributes significantly to its 'snap'.

There is one curious side effect that I am sure some will consider a deal breaker of sorts. Some, not all, of my bookmarks did not migrate. I find this a bit curious because when I was testing previous beta versions I noticed the same thing - and when I returned to the stable version ( all of my bookmarks were there. (Disclaimer: I do not depend on bookmarks so this is of little real consequence to me.)

Ironically, the one bookmark germane to this post was one that I had to "find" again so I could give it to you... this is the Nightly Build repository - where you will find the very latest, bleeding edge version of Firefox Beta 3 ...

(#Include Standard Disclaimer: Use this and any beta release software at your own risk!)

[Follow-up: Being as how I seldom if ever throw anything away - I started up Firefox-, exported my bookmarks. Restarted Beta3, imported and I have a full compliment now.]

. . .