Sunday, March 16, 2008

Open List: the Constitution (part 1)

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the Constitution has been trashed and must be restored

Obama supporters ...

Lawyers for Gitmo detainees endorse Obama

Posted by csavage January 28, 2008 05:57 PM

The attorneys said in a joint statement that they believed Obama was the best choice to roll back the Bush-Cheney administration's detention policies in the war on terrorism and thereby to "restore the rule of law, demonstrate our commitment to human rights, and repair our reputation in the world community." The attorneys are representing the detainees in habeas corpus lawsuits, which are efforts to get individual hearings before federal judges in order to challenge the basis for their indefinite imprisonment without trial.

The attorneys praised Obama for being a leader in an unsuccessful fight in the fall of 2006 to block Congress from enacting a law stripping courts of jurisdiction to hear Guantanamo detainee lawsuits. The constitutionality of that law, which was part of the Military Commissions Act, is now being challenged before the Supreme Court in one of the most closely-watched cases this term.

Obama detractor Cao (responding to the same Globe article) ...

I guess we can stop wondering about Barack Hussein Obama and his Islamic/muslim background, LOL.

One thing that I found interesting about the lawyers for the Gitmo terrorists…either they are working pro bono, or they are Saudi-funded. They can’t be both.

If Obama gets in, we should be watching for his taking the same approach to terrorism that his cousin Odinga in Kenya has…and sharia law in the US.

(She included this graphic [LINK] which I didn't think was appropriate to reproduce here or anywhere. -Papa)

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