Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Microsoft may try to squeeze the Apple

InformationWeek article states

Microsoft Won't Sue Linux Users, Company Exec Says

Despite its claim to own 42 patents used in the creation of the Linux kernel and hundreds more embedded in other free software programs, Microsoft does not plan to take a page from The SCO Group and sue users of the open source operating system, a senior company official said Monday.
Highlighting is mine. I have to wonder if some of those 'free software programs' have found their way into Mac's OS X?

Mac OS X was a radical departure from previous Macintosh operating systems; its underlying code base is completely different from previous versions. Its core, named Darwin, is a free and open source, Unix-like operating system built on top of the XNU kernel, with standard Unix facilities available from the command line interface. Apple layered over Darwin a number of proprietary components, including the Aqua interface and the Finder, to complete the GUI-based operating system which is Mac OS X.
( Wikipedia, Mac OS X)

Highlighting is mine. Pushing users around is called FUD. Pushing Jobs around is called FUDGE. And I bet he won't sit still for any packing.

Monday, May 14, 2007

235 Patents?

I do so hope that the marketing guys at Microsoft will soon take the legal-eagles by the ear out back of the wood shed and whip their collective asses until they are bright red.

Boy oh boy what a stupid move on the part of Microsoft.

Business by intimidation. That smacks of the kind of monolithic totalitarian states that brought so much love like Stalinist Communist Russia or our favorite despot Idi Amin.

So, lets enumerate...

  1. Microsoft uses "drug dealer" tactics to addict poverty stricken users.
  2. Microsoft uses threats and intimidation - not unlike some dictators.
  3. ???
...and all they want is a little loving?

. . .