Friday, February 09, 2007

Shame on HP...again!!!

As reported by

in the Steve Hamm article Rivals Say HP Is Using Hardball Tactics

Printer industry and retailing executives contend the company has
offered chain stores incentives to stop selling store-brand cartridges

"Now why would that be?" He asked rhetorically.

"Could it be...satan?" Or just a lame attempt by HP to continue to gouge the consumer?

HP could stand up straight and look the buying public in the eye and say, "We enjoyed a competition-free market for many years and realized a significant profit from the sale of our ink cartridges. Now that competition has arrived we will respond to free market forces and price our ink cartridges competitively."


In a lame attempt to further gouge the consumer HP is trying to quash the free market. This will only lead to greater resentment on the part of the buying public and an eventual demise of the HP market share. To think anything less is both foolish and arrogant.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

The great sucking sound

Ed Sutherland, in his article Kodak Printers Breed Cheap Ink offered this little tid-bit...
HP was a "little perplexed" by Kodak's "unproven" technology, Tuan Tran, vice president of marketing for the printer maker's Imaging and Supplies division, told
"...little preplexed..."???

Can you say, "Falling market share? I knew you could."

P.S. It is about time. Thank you Kodak!

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Good for a laugh

Microsoft Leading the world...?

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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Papa, don't preach

From the "He speaks so eloquently file"...

AKMA’s Random Thoughts

Last time, I said, “Don’t write checks you can’t cash.” This morning’s admonition is less metaphorical: Don’t assert when you can evoke.

Having attempted to speak to congregations (I am neither qualified nor credentialed to "Preach") I have long held to the belief that people will draw their own conclusions if they are presented with compelling scenarios. Further, being the idealist that I am, I believe that people will draw healthy and beneficial conclusions - as long as their personal integrity is not beaten or battered with 'righteous preachy speaking'.

Thanks again AKMA for so clearly speaking from the heart. It is appreciated more than you might ever know.

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