Monday, January 08, 2007

Identity Theft is not only for Credit Cards or Green Cards

Until Mordaxus mentioned it in his post 'That's Funny' at Emergent Chaos I would never have given the possibility of "Medical" identity theft even the slightest credence. Who in their right mind would want my sordid medical history? But wait... what I lack in health my employer more than makes up for in Health Insurance.

[Update: Additional Link - Hospitals Becoming Popular ID Theft Target ]

Bill Gates and Vista Vision

Thanks to some enterprising soul I was able to watch the majority of the CES 2007 Keynote address hosted by none other than that perennial CES Keynote Dignitary: William "Windows" Gates...

I am impressed with the direction that Microsoft has chosen in presenting its flagship product before the Consumer Electronic Show. Hype and multimedia glitz - sound and fury signifying little, to paraphrase the Bard. Appealing to the home user, the gamer and the family-picture-scrapper Windows Vista will be your link to your friends and your life. With a click the mouse or X-Box controller you can determine what your friends are doing and with whom. Even driving in your Ford you can enjoy the ubiquitous Microsoft connectivity.

In the course of the 66 minute presentation I think I heard the Office suite, uh, once... in passing.

[Amendment: Bill mentioned Office ... twice... in passing.]

This makes me very happy. Microsoft has declared its intended area of focus; Middle America. That leave business waving like a limp flag and serious computer users looking for a serious computing environment. I am excited because it appears that in going after the emotionally driven, vain 'Meriken middle market Microsoft is finally declaring itself to be the second seat OS that it really is.

. . .