Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Drown out the hate

Elizabeth Edwards, responding to Miss Coulter's off-color remark about John Edwards, Presidential Candidate ...

Now it is our turn to drown out the hate. Find a way -- whether it is contribution here that sends a message to Miss Coulter and those who applauded her (which, of course, I prefer) or whether it is a statement on this blog or others or all of the above -- but please find a way not to sit silent in acceptance. It doesn't change until we say we will not be silent when this happens.
That anyone, in this day and age, would applaud the remarks made by Miss Coulter is unconscionable. For Miss Coulter to stoop so low as to insult the gay population of this great country by associating it with a known politician is reprehensible. Perhaps, just perhaps, this is a sad case of the pot calling the kettle black?

(NOTICE: For any humor-challenged readers in my small audience, please, please see the ironic juxtaposition in my choice of words and know it to be a pure intellectual fabrication.)

. . .