Sunday, February 25, 2007

He walks into your office...

Over the years I have employed a 'Management Style' that has served me well ... and generally PO'ed the folks that have been subjected to it. Sorry...

He walks into your office, sets this (_Blog::Errantmind_) on the corner of your desk and says, "Here, read this."
Suffice it to say, it is much more efficient for both of us to do it this way. The content of, in this case Errantmind, is self evident and worthy.

As a society we need to stop allowing the lawyers to settle the wrongs that we feel we have suffered allegedly at the hands of society. Instead I suggest a measure of common sense.

  1. Lawyers, like every other business practice, are driven not by morality but by profit. This leaves Lawyers in the unenviable position of subjugating what they know is Right for what they will eventually be paid for.

  2. Lawyers, while 'working' with Laws, do so in the arena of the courts. Our judicial system was designed to respond to social situations by interpreting the laws. Nowhere in our system of government are the Courts, at any level, allowed to make Laws.
I believe it is fundamentally wrong for us as a society, egged on by hungry Lawyers, to take every little spat we have with our laws and tie up our already over burdened court system.

I , in this writing, will not suggest whether the 'control of recreational dancing' is a legitimate social concern worthy of a local ordinance. I can state that most localities have similar statutes on the books. Predicated on such a historical precedent I am willing to assume that such statutes did or do serve some aspect of the social good.

If it is determined by the will of the people that such statutes do not server the public good then the people should change the law(s) in the same way that the laws were enacted originally. We should be a society of the people and not subject to the minority of monied interests that can afford to keep and feed Lawyers.

. . .