Thursday, November 16, 2006

The [Short] J Train

John Dodds offers this 'minifesto' which I distilled yet again in red. While not as pioneering as the original M'festos John does brings to the fore a number of important points... My favorite is #9 - less because it about selling but more because it acknowledges what the customer is really all about; buying.

I think number 8 brings the matter into very clear focus - keep coming back to your customers. Get to know them, return to their values, come back to their successes with your product. Keep coming back.

The J Train (A Marketing 2.0 Minifesto).

  1. All Markets Are Up For Grabs. Focus: Re-frame the discussion.

  2. Difference Not Differentiation. Minimize the behavioral change you demand.

  3. Don't Disappoint. An informed customer is your best promotion.

  4. Make Your Marketing Sociable. Build genuine relationships with potential customers.

  5. Interaction Requires Iteration. Community, co-operation and co-creation.

  6. See The Wood For The Trees. Find out what [your customers] are like.

  7. Relate, Renew and Reinvent. You must keep coming back to your customers.

  8. Don't Forget To Sell. Sell - your customers are interested in buying.

  9. Le ROI Est Mort. ROI will rise as your engagement [discussion] intensifies.

  10. Marketing Is Not A Department. It is everybody's job.

The J train that I used to ride from lower Manhattan out to JFK is synonomous for me with expanding horizons and (with its echoes of those trains called clue and hugh) it seemed an aptly contrived title for my rough draft minifesto on this evolving thing we call marketing 2.0.

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