Monday, October 02, 2006

That grain of rice... is yours. ant carrying a grain of rice... or 'Walking among Giants!'

I am a very selective blog subscriber. I decided early on to pay attention to who was reading whom and then subscribe accordingly. People who consistently showed up in blogrolls did so for a reason. These are the people who I started to read. This means of course that I am quantitatively not very well read. On the other hand it turns out that I am well read qualitatively. That is where the Giants come in.

On the Internet no one can tell you are an ant walking among or reading the Giants.

So I was only a little surprised by Om Malik's revelation that so many people are not in tune with the latest and greatest that the net has to 2.0 offer. Then I began to reflect on the fact that the Giants are all about the early adoption of technology - or the very early origination of such technology. Us ants are just about comfort and ease of use. We like the old ways.

The grain of rice, your grain of rice, is huge. But boy, oh boy, is it good.

. . .