Monday, October 02, 2006

one liberal blogger

The following is taken from the Washington Post

Stan Collender, a public relations specialist at Qorvis Communications LLC in the District, said the potential for bloggers to damage the reputation of a business or person is a growing concern.

"It's like pamphleteering on the corner, only its cheaper, quicker and vastly more broad," Collender said. "But unlike the traditional media, it's completely unregulated in that there's no fact checking, no editing. It has all the potential for creating a lot of damage to someone's or something's reputation very quickly, and it's almost impossible to eliminate it. Any unsubstantiated rumor has a very good chance of getting out there."

A growing concern to whom? Spin Doctors on both sides of every aisle have been bending the truth since the term Nom de Guerre was coined. Stan Collender should be more concerned with the 'Cliche Phenomenon' than anything else in this unseemly matter. As we all know a cliche exists because it holds some essential truth. Pamphleteering worked because of the essential truth expressed, however egregiously presented.

Giving Frank Paynter's blog entry, ' If Murry Gunty didn’t exist we’d have to invent him' a quick read we see the real value of his 'pamphlet' ... Namely the clear and concise criticism of the entire matter. Frank is willing to paint a telling picture of Murry Gunty, acknowledging readily available facts. Then when it comes to the comment [posted in response to the Pincus mentioning Gunty] Paynter is very particular in pointing out the impropriety of the comments. He characterizes them as "hearsay and potentially damaging". This is the very real essence of correct blogging - Blogging must be and is self-policing.

Such self-policing practices are the backbone of the blogosphere. The many voices, vox populi, that blog on a given topic or issue bring many if not all the varied perspectives to the reader. This is in contrast to the touted Mainstream Media who provide one or two sterilzed and encapsulated views or opinions.

The bottom line is that serious criticism of blogging cannot be leveled at a single blogger or even a select group of bloggers. Individuals who are critical of blogging have only one recourse, the court of the blogosphere. Get a blog, write your side of the story. Set the story straight. Exercise your right of Free Speech.

P.S. I had no idea that Frank Paynter was, and I quote, "one liberal blogger". What is the world coming to?

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