Saturday, September 09, 2006


Bums - as we are affectionately known are Roadies. Renown far and wide in the music and entertainment industry for our professionalism and our integrity. We get them loaded in, we set the show up, we leave them alone, we tear down the show, load it and get them on their way, in record time.

"This ain't our first rodeo."

Tonight: Nashville Stars in the Executive Inn Showroom

Nashville Star is hitting the road this summer to perform a series of concerts across the country!

Featured on the Nashville Star Tour will be this season's final four contestants -- Nicole Jamrose, Matt Mason, Casey Rivers and Chris Young -- along with John Bohlinger and the Nashville Star Band.

Each of the four Nashville Stars will have their own block of time on stage. The show will open with the first of the four contestants to be voted off the show performing their own set of music, including original and cover material. The show progresses through each of the finalists in the order they were eliminated, until we reach the Nashville Star Winner!

Last week we did .38 Special-LOUD driving Rock'n'Roll

After more than two decades together, 38 SPECIAL is still playing more than 100 shows per year. And at every one of them, thousands of audience members are completely blindsided by the power and muscle of the band's performance. "When we come out, people are like, 'Whoa! It's like a freight train rolling over them'" says vocalist/guitarist DON BARNES. While most associate the group with its arena-rock '80s pop smashes, these days the band's harder edge is what is immediately noticeable. Barnes says it's all about maintaining the intensity that they deliver in their live shows.

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