Monday, September 11, 2006

Niche Markets, the King of...

As I was writing an apologetic sounding resolution that I would no longer dislike, criticize, haranguing, or otherwise dis Microsoft I came to this stunning realization... the Redmond giant occupies only a small niche market seat.

How many microprocessors are there out in the world?

How many microprocessors out in the world actually run a Microsoft OS?

Of the many choices available which microprocessor and OS is the next consumer going to run right out and buy?

My guess is it will be a Tweener or a Twenty-something buying either an music device or a cellular device. Priced in a range that is accessible to either of those target markets.

NOW HERE IS THE QUESTION WORTH SHOUTING ABOUT... How long will it be before PC manufactures realize that interfacing not with the device but with the device's OS will become paramount in the next big cyber-techno push? Wouldn't a PC running Symbian interface better with a phone running the same OS?

. . .