Thursday, September 28, 2006

Looking for God as if I were blind.

RealLivePreacher gladdens my heart and gives me hope. Gordon Atkinson pulls no punches. He stands as a man among men and tells the truth as he sees, feels, lives and in some instances dies with it. So when RLP speaks I have a tendency to pay just a little more attention...

When something of import prompts RLP to speak I pay just a little more attention. Today his blog entry ( Jacob's Well: Portrait of an Emergent Church ) pointed us to this article published in 'The Christian Century' about a postmodern church in the heart of the country.

Keel is the pastor of an 'Emergent church' in Kansas City, Missouri. Of him it is said,

Keel is drawn to theologians who articulate a post-Christendom perspective and who argue that Christians are most faithful when they are not seeking cultural or political power. Keel carries no weapons in the culture war, and he figures that his people, hardly stereotypical evangelicals, vote Democratic or Green as often as Republican.
Perhaps the most refreshing part of Keel's approach to the "Great Commission" is the faith he exhibits when he gives the seeker the opportunity to discover why a community of believers gathers so consistently to celebrate.
"If most evangelicals follow a pattern of believe-behave-belong, we reverse that pattern and make it belong-behave-believe," said Keel. "We say, 'Try on these clothes, take up these practices, and see what happens.'"
We need to stop looking for God as if he were lost. I need to look for God as if I were blind.

. . .