Sunday, September 10, 2006

I AM JUST ambivalent ABOUT MAX

Scoble made the crashing declaration "I love the new MAX but..." citing several values that he found appealing in the new MAX. So I downloaded the beast to see it for my self. Very slick! Installed politely and started promptly -- indeed, wonderful graphics and very cool user interface.

And then the illusion began to crumble... Strange!!! None of the links worked. Mouse-over indicated that the system was 'alive' but nada, zip, zero, ziltch... yo no connecto [sorry, alliteration carried me away.] Seems that MAX suffers from a low level Microsoft condition: Proprietary-ism!

Yupper, just another example of Microsoft insisting, demanding, coercing, assimilating users into the Microsoft Blorg. Seems that MAX doesn't like to play nice when FireFox is designated as the default browser. I verified this by manually designating IE7 as the default and MAX started working like a charm[ing snake].

So, Microsoft has done it again. I will reset my browser default to FireFox and discard MAX. Simple as that. Seems like a HUGE amount of work on Microsoft's part, work well done to be simple shelved. But...I am just ambivalent about MAX.

. . .