Tuesday, August 29, 2006

I am not scared of.... Hugh :)

But I do have a new found respect for HUGH! I got to spend some more time with Sigurd Rinde and all I can say is WOW! Thingamy is HUGH - No, not macleod I mean BIG! No, I don't mean massively volumetrically large, I mean Thingamy has incredible potential.

There I said it.

After Sigurd walked me through a demonstration I was just blown away. And to borrow a telling line from Firesign Theatre, "Yes, kinda like having bees in your head, but there they are..."

Which in turn reminded me of this visual Commitment explanation offered by the real Hugh.

Ok, enough linguistic gymnastics. Let me cite the attribute of Thingamy that tells me so clearly that it has so much potential - Simplicity. Blown away, with bees in your head over simplicity? Yes, emphatically! (I am sure that both Sigurd and Hugh are now laughing and wondering just kind of groat clusters I have been smoking.) Yes, simplicity.

Joe Average will open his shrink-wrapped copy of Thingamy and pours it out on the table and find very few moving parts. There won't be bright shiney baubles, there won't be an excess of progromatic chrome. There will only be a Thingamy.

How then will Joe be satisfied and fulfilled by his new Thingamy? Joe will quickly realize that Thingamy doesn't impose itself on Joe's business process. It doesn't make Joe pound square pegs into round holes. Thingamy doesn't make Joe do things differently. In fact it will help Joe do the things he has always done better. It will help Joe see his business in a clear and focused light.

Business is not a game but it should be. We should all be able to play at our work as we did games when we were young. Thingamy has a characteristic that is shared with the greatest of the games we humans play. I am not sure to whom it should be attibuted but it is said that the best games have the fewest rules. Thingamy has some structure to be sure but it has only a few "rules" - making it one of the best systems for giving you the edge in the "playing" of your business.

Tomorrow I have the great honor to be able to open my "shrink-wrapped" copy of Thingamy and begin to "play"... (Oh to be young again.)

. . .