Friday, October 08, 2004

Camp Cupcake - The American criminal justice system is hoping for leniency and time off for good behavior. Hoping they will get time off and that their good behavior will not invoke the wrath of Martha "That's-a-good-thing" Stewart.

And who gets the "rights" to Ms Stewart's story? Should a convicted criminal be allowed to profit from his/her experience at the hands of her captors? Hmmmm, what about her "co-stars"? The other "ladies" of cell cottage 55170-054 - Shouldn't they get a cut of the action? Or, will just being in Martha's presence be reward enough for a life of crime?

Monday, October 04, 2004

Deep in the throws of withdrawl...ya'll - 14 days without Internet access would just KILL me flat dead! Now I am not a normal consumer. I am a geek, plain and simple. For better or worse, all of my work and most of my play is done in front of a PC, connected to the Internet. Anything else and I might as well be ... would be... challenged. E-Mail in the morning, blogs first thing at work, Bridge (you remember, the card game) at lunch, steaming media conferences, spreadsheets, applications, progs, HTML, perl, php, ls, w...

And then I would return to a home dim and dark because my geek(ish) wife and three beautiful geek(like) children would be anywhere else, plugged in to the 'net, satisfying their respective IM/www jones.

I have but one life to live for my ... Internet. Give me liberty or give me...a book? I used to have them around here somewhere... You remember, paper with printing...ancient media. I will give up my Internet when they pry it from my carpal-tunneled, arthritic fingers. When the Internet is ourlawed only major corporations and the military industrial complex will have Internet.

Ok, I am done ranting... :)

. . .