Tuesday, November 09, 2004

One grain of rice... Why are we so selfish with our faith? Why do we insist that God must adhere to our views and edicts?

When a loved one falls ill and is at risk of losing their life, do we pray for our own comfort? Do we pray for the comfort of the ill person. Or do we pray that God's will be done?

This seems like such a simple, if not rhetorical, question yet I am sure it would ignite fierce flames of discussion and dissent.

{Preacher's voice} Of course we pray that God's will be done! {/Preacher's voice}

Then why are our prayers littered with pleas of healing and restoration? Who's healing? Who's restoration? Who's comfort?

I think the real issue is the one just below the surface... When a loved one dies, who loses?

The beloved Sister or Brother goes to be with God. Can that in any way be a loss? Isn't that the greatest gift of all? So, who loses then a loved one dies? The selfish person who doesn't want to accept by faith the grace of a loving and giving God.

I will tell you that the even the merest thought of losing my wife or any of my children is painful. Yet, what is my pain compared to God's? Did he not sacrifice his only begotten Son that we might be free?

Would I, or should I, keep from my wife or my child the grace of God, his wisdom and his plan for the sake of my pain?

His will be done...

In His service,

- Bill

. . .