Tuesday, February 10, 2004

We get what we want...

As a loooooooong time advocate of Linux I was recently dissappointed when I ended up putting my DVD reader into my W2K system. I was not dissappointed by the fact that my DVD reader worked perfectly* in my W2K system but rather that W2K runs my DVD player better than Linux. Now there is some subtle distinction. Please allow me to clarify, both my findings and as a result, the title of this _rant_.

Sweeping generalization to follow...

Microsoft users want music, games, video and fun. Microsoft (MS) users (IMHO) do not want system security, open standards or interoperability.

I don't dare use MS e-mail products for fear I will compromise not only my system but the systems of people that I know. I cannot use a number of MS products because the resultant file incompatibilities will prevent me from sharing the necessary information. I can however use MS products to view my favorite DVDs (The West Wing - The First Season). I can use products developed specifically for MS to view online content, I can play games that are developed specifically for the MS platform.

It is evident that the money follows those things that MS users really want. Microsoft, in response to market pressures, advances those technologies which have the highest profit margin over those technologies which do not. There is evidently little profit in security. There is little profit in interoperability if MS can keep gamers and vid-heads locked into their insecure boxes. (Irony: Locked into insecure boxes.)

Microsoft gives us what we really want. What we are really willing to pay for. Shame on us!
Evidently we are unwilling to pay for security, open standards and interoperability. Shame on us!


* Perfectly... Try as I might I was unable to get this particular DVD reader to "play" my West Wing DVD's consistanly under linux. I took the reader out of my linux system, installed it in my W2K system and turned it on. I loaded the 3rd Party drivers and player software. Reader, player and West Wing all work perfectly. This is _NOT_ a slight against linux developers - this is an affirmation that we want Microsoft to play DVDs and we are willing to pay for same.

. . .