Friday, October 10, 2014

The 99 Days of Freedom Challenge.

Ninety-one days and a couple of hours ago I took the 99 Days of Freedom Challenge.  I committed to stay completely away from Facebook for 99 days.  I stopped cold turkey.  My last post was the declaration of my having take the challenge.  Then I logged out and haven't been back since.  Spoiler alert: the world did not come to a crashing halt.

Initially I did go through withdrawls.  I got fidgety when faced with a blank address bar.  I wondered who was posting the best Kitteh pictures.  I was feeling a concerted lack of unicorns flying across rainbows sprinkling glitter.  Most of all I missed the vitriolic bantering back and forth between the left and the right.

Then just when I thought I was out of the woods ... FB started spamming me with, "Won't you come home" email messages.  "All your friends miss you."  So-and-so posted such-and-such.  "How can you be such a callus cad to ignore your friends like this?"  I felt bad, really bad for as long as it took me to delete the emails, unopened.  Sorry FB I really don't want your free crack.

Now many of you know that I am a social media animal from way back.  Chat rooms and forums before and after they were cool.  I still keep my IRC client tuned to the good old groups.  Now I started spending more time with Google+ ... much higher caliber of time wasting dabbling.  I even started paying attention, albeit short-attention, to Twitter.  But nothing seems to fill up my time as uselessly as those many hours with FB.

(So this has been my attempt at One-page-a-day.  In typical fashion it took me three days to get to this point...where I push the "Publish" button and start over.  *Sigh*)

. . .