Saturday, July 12, 2014

I've been away too long old friend(s)

Shame on me.

I drank the media frenzy kool-aid and dived head first into the deep end of the Fazebook pool.  At first it was kool.  Fluries of friends and flashy memes.  Everybody was doin' it.  Likin' this and LOL commentin' that.  Political side-takin' and snide remarkin' screeds.  Oh and did I mention the "Likes" ... like crack cocaine ... just couldn't wait to get those heady little puffs of ego boastin' positive reinforcin' click nods.  Oh I was in it deep, giving as good as I got ... you gotta like to be Liked.

...and somewhere in the back of my mind was a nagging itch.

what happened to my goals and aspirations?  What happened to my focus and concentration...lemme just check who posted the next Kute Kitty pic ... yeah, just like that.  (That didn't really happen.  I was trying to show by example.)  I used to write.  Not masterful works but fairly well thought out stuff.  I used to write poetry, again not master works but not altogether slouchy stuff.  As near as I can figure I managed to drown my muse in the deep end of the Fazebook pool.

Shame on me.

[BONUS EXTRA:  99 Days Of Freedom challenge.]

So I am intent on starting back up here and over at Yardist formally known as Pa^2.

Hope to see ya round these parts more often.

. . .