Saturday, June 04, 2011

Lady loves to live By Bridget Bell

Lady loves to live
By Bridget Bell, Sep 21, 2009

where other people lived, acquires pillowcases
where other faces drooled, slurps broth off thrift store spoons
formerly cradled in the dark caverns of strangers’ mouths.
She wears embroidered dresses with yellowed armpits,
and her repeatedly broken shoe laces are held together by fraying knots.
A line cook she met said I’m going to call you Nomad
when she told him her name was Lady.
It’s fitting. Lady doesn’t have a home.
She roams from city to city, always renting
apartments with eggshell walls, which she paints
yellow rain coat,
ice cube silver, mudslide
Despite what’s written in the lease, she never returns
the walls to their original white.
She imagines new tenants slicing celery, slicing jicama,
or black olives dumped from a tin can
while surrounded by the same colors that surrounded her
when she did her slicing.

Bridget Bell is an Ohio-born writer living in NYC, and she holds her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College. Her work has been published in the New Ohio Review, The Chaffey Review, Folio and SUB-LIT, among other publications. She works as a bartender in Manhattan’s financial district, and also as an assistant editor at FourWay Books.

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Friday, June 03, 2011

New Toy Soldiers (WARNING: Graphic depictions of reality)

Ai Weiwei Glasses

R.I.P. James Arness

James Arness, Marshal on ‘Gunsmoke,’ Dies at 88


James Arness portrayed Marshal Matt Dillon on "Gunsmoke" for 20 years after the series debuted in 1955.

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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Only in America...

Only in America...

can a pizza get to your house faster than an ambulance.

are there handicap parking places
in front of a skating rink.

do drugstores make the sick walk all the way to the
back of the store to get their prescriptions while
healthy people can buy cigarettes at the front.

do people order double cheeseburgers,
large fries, and a diet coke.

do banks leave both doors open and
then chain the pens to the counters.

do we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the
driveway and put our useless junk in the garage.

do we use answering machines to screen calls and
then have call waiting so we won't miss a call
from someone we didn't want to talk to in the
first place.

do we buy hot dogs in packages of
ten and buns in packages of eight.

do we use the word 'politics' to describe the process so
well: 'Poli' in Latin meaning 'many' and 'tics' meaning
'bloodsucking creatures'.

do they have drive-up ATM machines with Braille lettering.

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