Friday, April 22, 2011

The Law of Mother Earth

The Law of Mother Earth: Behind Bolivia's Historic Bill
Nick Buxton, YES! Magazine: "The 'Mother Earth' law under debate in Bolivia's legislature will almost certainly be approved, as it has already been agreed to by the majority governing party, Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS). The law draws deeply on indigenous concepts that view nature as a sacred home, the Pachamama (Mother Earth) on which we intimately depend. As the law states, 'Mother Earth is a living dynamic system made up of the undivided community of all living beings, who are all interconnected, interdependent and complementary, sharing a common destiny.' The law would give nature legal rights, specifically the rights to life and regeneration, biodiversity, water, clean air, balance, and restoration." 
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Trig Trutherism

Trig Trutherism, the surprisingly resilient conspiracy theory that Sarah Palin is not actually the mother of 3-year-old Trig Palin, is experiencing a boomlet thanks to a new academic paper that endorses the concept. Long pursued by the blogger Andrew Sullivan and a significant segment of the Palin-hating left, Trig Trutherism holds that Trig's real mother is either Bristol Palin or some third party, and that Sarah Palin herself faked the pregnancy to avoid embarrassment for her daughter or for political gain or some combination of reasons.

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Stupid is as stupid does...

"Officers heard a gunshot, approached the vehicle, asked Mr. Jones if he was OK. He was, and they also observed he had a gun in his hand."

-- Lt. Nick Loussia of the Southfield, Michigan Police Department describing the moments after Koran-burning pastor Terry Jones almost shot his foot off with his own .40 caliber handgun

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What'r'ya'doin? Huh? Huh, lemme see? Lemme see?

Back 25 years to the Future

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Michigan police downloading drivers' phone data without warrants?

For a few years now, the Michigan State Police has been using portable devices that allow them to secretly extract personal information from cell phones of drivers who have been pulled over.

That in itself wouldn't be such a shocking revelation if the devices have been used only on cell phones of people suspected of a crime, but according to the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan, the police has used the devices to access data of people who were simply pulled over for minor infractions.

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Doing nothing is a monk’s core business

Doing nothing 

A Buddhist phones the monastery and asks the monk “Can you come to do a blessing for my new house?”

The monk replies “Sorry, I’m busy.”

“What are you doing? Can I help?”

“I’m doing nothing”, replied the monk, “Doing nothing is a monk’s core business and you can’t help me with that.”

So the next day the Buddhist phones again, “Can you please come to my house for a blessing?”
“Sorry,” said the monk, “I’m busy.”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m doing nothing,” replied the monk.

“But that was what you were doing yesterday!”, said the Buddhist.

“Correct”, replied the monk, “I’m not finished yet!"

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