Thursday, June 24, 2010

Do you know her?

She looks familiar, yes?

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Deus Ex Malcontent: Picture of the Week - Says it all....

Picture of the Week

From the ocean floor, directly off the Alabama coast. That brown crust you see coating everything -- including the crab in the foreground? That's oil.

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Social Networking Bill Of Rights

Social Networking Bill Of Rights Released

Privacy advocates seek comments on a 14-point plan for protecting users' personal information online.

Computers, Freedom, and Privacy (CFP) conference spent last week creating a Users' Bill of Rights that is now available for public consumption, feedback, and approval.

1. Honesty: Honor your privacy policy and terms of service.

2. Clarity: Make sure that policies, terms of service, and settings are easy to find and understand. 

3. Freedom of speech: Do not delete or modify my data without a clear policy and justification. 

4. Empowerment: Support assistive technologies and universal accessibility. 

5. Self-protection: Support privacy-enhancing technologies. 

6. Data minimization: Minimize the information I am required to provide and share with others. 

7. Control: Let me control my data, and don't facilitate sharing it unless I agree first. 

8. Predictability: Obtain my prior consent before significantly changing who can see my data. 
9. Data portability: Make it easy for me to obtain a copy of my data. 

10. Protection: Treat my data as securely as your own confidential data unless I choose to share it, and notify me if it is compromised. 

11. Right to know: Show me how you are using my data and allow me to see who and what has access to it. 

12. Right to self-define: Let me create more than one identity and use pseudonyms. Do not link them without my permission. 

13. Right to appeal: Allow me to appeal punitive actions. 

14. Right to withdraw: Allow me to delete my account, and remove my data.

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In simplicity great depth....

If My Voice Is Not Reaching You  
by Afzal Ahmed Syed

     If my voice is not reaching you
     add to it the echo—
     echo of ancient epics

     And to that—
     a princess

     And to the princess—your beauty

     And to your beauty—
     a lover's heart

     And in the lover's heart
     a dagger

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Monday, June 21, 2010

David Byrne...Building up the house...

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