Saturday, April 03, 2010

iPad Exclusivity

I won't be buying an iPad.  I can't.  I am not affluent enough.

I suppose if I scraped and scrimped and scrounged couch change I might come up with the asking price.  But even then I couldn't afford one.  For the same reason I drive a 15 year old beater.  Or that I am pounding this out on an IBM R51 - the copyright date on the bottom says 2004 - ancient by laptop standards.  Quite simply I do not circulate in the ... ahem, circles ... of affluence that are important to the iPad Apple folks.  Very possibly the "A" folks would rather I not purchase one of their iPads.  ("There goes the neighborhood ...  and all that")

The iPad is priced to sell to folks who have money.  The iPad is priced to engage affluent folks in a culture that will inevitably cost them more and more money.  The iPad is priced to sell to the folks who can afford to pay for the "A" culture. 

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