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What is your pet peeve about a poor website?

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The results are in! With over 30 respondents tallied, here is a collated version of the replies. If you'd like a doc version of this list to give to your company's web development team, just email me. (Note: there is some overlap in the Navigability/Information categories.)

A. Navigability
1. When I can't find the information that I NEED!!!
2. Navigation that takes me 10 clicks to find the information I need. 

3. Lack of a "Home" button on the menu.
4. Poor navigation
5. Landing pages where you have to click through to get to the home page
6. Lack of easy navigability
7. All comprehensive websites should have a USABLE search engine so I can find the content I'm looking for quickly and efficiently. Don't waste my time.
8. Useless search engines.
9. Sometimes you just need to send the company an email. Don't hide the contact information.
10. Corrupted or expired links to archival documents.
11. Like most, I want to grab and go. I hate it when the most obvious information is hidden or missing. Like store hours. 

12. There's no search engine or there's a search engine that can't find anything 

13. Vertical menu bars
14. Difficult to navigate
15. The inability to discover how to speak to someone ties in to poor navigability.
16. There is a flow that people are familiar with on websites telling us where to find contact information, where to look for job opportunities etc. Some site creators have the mentality that by moving things around they are creating a unique feel, but ultimately what this does is potentially prevent them from gaining business. Clients can miss important sections of the website, or become frustrated with the lack of ease and simply move on. 

17. Need to be BlackBerry friendly. 
18. Sites that lack consistent navigational tools. 

19. Poor navigability! I see more and more sites without a link back "home." 

20. It shouldn't take me 5 clicks to get to a phone number or address or other basic information!
21. Phone friendly is a must. 

22. Every website should have a link to Home, along with one to Contact Us and one to About Us. Those are almost standard features today. No website should leave you wondering about what to do next or where to go next. You should be able to tell where you are at all times and how to get to where you want to go. Navigation takes planning and testing and thinking like the user, not like the maker. 
23. Sites that show up in searches, but really have no way to find the information on the page.
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