Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tech FAIL - The blank registration form.

As an IT professional I receive an untold number of invitations to attend cyber (as well as Brick&Mortar) "Conferences".  The majority of these invites come in the form of e-mails.  I am encouraged to Register by clicking the embedded URL.  Now I can understand the opt-in need for registration - if for no other reason than to determine the possible number of attendees.  However the MAJOR FAIL comes when the registration link delivers me to a yard long form.  An empty form.  I am expected to spend valuable time filling out the same information that I filled out to get such "invitations".

To round out the rant let me be clear - such "Conferences" are thinly veiled captured audience SALES pitches.  So, if you want me to sit through you promotion the very least you can do is fill out the form for me (which I know is possible as a few do come that way.  But not many).

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