Friday, March 05, 2010

Toroid? It is not as bad as all that...

Friday is doughnut day!  Now I am not talking about those sugar coated, fat laden Crispie Creame (purposefully misspelled) "things".  I am talking about all-American, USO-fed-them-to-the-troops (to the Dough boys), old fashioned, substantial, member of the cake food group - yeah, I am talking about real doughnuts.

Aye, now here's the rub, matey.  A very caring and considerate business associate makes a point every Friday to stop by the "bakery" and secure a box of ... er, uh, DoNots.  These are not the afore-alluded to brand name variety - more like KK-wannabes.  And not a real doughnut in the box.

So, if I am to receive any doughnut day fulfillment I must stop at the other bakery in town.  There on the bottom shelf of the glass showcase in a single line are the "Chocolate Iced Cake" doughnuts.  I have never seen more than half a dozen on display at any one time.  So this is to be my fate, my near doughnut experience.  I do take some small solace in the fact that the icing is a legitimate member of an important if secondary food group, Chocolate.  Ah well, such are the sacrifices...

You could say that I am having a toroid love affair with real doughnuts.

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