Saturday, May 23, 2009

My overgrown field is not empty!

I would call it more lazy than green. I stopped mowing the majority of our 1.58 acre parcel some time ago. It actually started out of boredom. I was bored with mowing a 1.58 acre short grass fairway. Open Mowing sums it up rather well...

This morning while I was out assessing the state of our poison ivy patch I saw a devastating sight. I cursed. I swore. My heart wept at the sight. Some lowlife careless human being had thoughtlessly driven their automobile across a section of my unmowed (unmown ?) yard. Worse still they flattened a 3 year old White Pine.

This isn't just any White Pine. This isn't a nursery 3 year old. No, this is a grown from a single twiglette sapling planted by my own hands White Pine. One of the few that we could find again after the grass grew tall at summer's end. One of the fewer still that survived not only the first winter but the second which included a wicked ice storm. Now to be laid low by some careless person who could not see that my overgrown field is not empty.

Cast Iron perspectives...

Carrying a 10" cast iron skillet full of boiling water from the stove to the sink offered a clear lesson: keep the water level. It is not about carrying the pan level. It is about keeping the boiling water calm and level.

Building a structure on a hillside might require extreme architectural measure but it can all be overcome by keeping the contained space level and calm.

A potter seeking to throw a utilitarian vessel must keep the contained space level and calm.

In personal relationships no matter how jagged and acute the angles one's heart must remain level and calm.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

FUD: Don't get it on your shoes - it stains.

First: BrandIndex - cited as the authority that Mircrosoft is winning the PC vs. Mac war... Okay, but when I went to visit BrandX BrandIndex this is what I found...

Latest News Alerts

Below are some of the latest news alerts from BrandIndex - all stories are delayed by at least 24 hours.

Retail Downturn Rains on Macy's Parade »

Date Posted: 01 December 2008

Macy’s and it’s strong reputation scores

Please, note the date of this late breaking news item ... Hmmmmm, probably has a strong grip on the current market situation. Further down the page we got all the way to ...

The Recession Tracker: The Real Story of the Recession »

Date Posted: 20 February 2009
All the way up to 20 February 2009 - late breaking news....

Then there was the case of the the cataclysmic concern that SSDs Can't Replace HDDs ...

Report: SSDs Can't Replace HDDs

. . .

However, storage system integration specialist Origin Storage quickly fired back at the company's claim, saying that any plan to replace magnetic hard drives--especially in laptops--is doomed to failure. Why? Andy Cordial, Origin Storage's managing director, said that SSDs definitely have their place, but cannot replace the "flexibility" and "longevity" that magnetic drives offer most laptop users in rugged environments and other "specialist" situations.

Always cordial, Andy Cordial makes his case that SSD 'cannot replace ... magnetic drives...'

In other late breaking news pundits affirm that the horseless carriage will never replace ol' Bossy and the surrey with the fringe on top.

Just lego yo feelin's

Monday, May 18, 2009

Again with the negative vibes...

Linked by Thom Holwerda on Mon 18th May 2009 19:06 UTC
Linux We all know them. We all hate them. They are generally overdone, completely biased, or so vague they border on the edge of pointlessness (or toppled over said edge). Yes, I'm talking about those "Is Linux ready for the desktop" articles. Still, this one is different .
Let me be very clear here: Linux should not be used for mainstream desktops.

That being said it doesn't matter how succinct or eloquent the kvetching ... it is still kvetching. Artem S. Tashkinov ( this one is different ) has simple stated the one-sided obvious - a.) Linux is not Windows and b.) Linux is not suited for mainstream desktop use.

Okay! Please take your ball and bat and go home! Stop kvetching that something you obviously don't like isn't meeting your standards. Okay! Use Windows!

Linux should not be used for mainstream desktops. This is in part true because most desktop users are not computer literate enough to use anything but the most simple point-n-click user interface. This is in part true because the majority of users don't care how/when/why/where things get done - they only want it to happen in a way that they won't have to think about.

Windows is the best OS for automatons! Don't let them near Linux, they will only hurt themselves.

(I have been using Linux as a desktop OS since the turn of the century. I know first hand that it is not Windows. From my ivory-tower geek perspective the merits of Linux so far out-weigh Windows that the seeming sacrifice is well worth it.)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Too much "stuff"...

Recently I have become aware of a growing interest in small homes...

Welcome. Come on in.

My name is Jay Shafer and since 1997 I have been living in houses smaller than some people’s closets. I call the first of my little hand built houses Tumbleweed. My decision to inhabit just 89 square feet arose from some concerns I had about the impact a larger house would have on the environment, and because I do not want to maintain a lot of unused or unusable space. My houses have met all of my domestic needs without demanding much in return. The simple, slower lifestyle my homes have afforded is a luxury for which I am continually grateful. Read more…

I once lived in an apartment with two other college chums in the "good old days". It was a two bedroom apartment but we talked the landlord into allowing me to move in ... to the 6Wx9Lx10h closet. (Desperate times called for desperate measures.) It was a time before "stuff". Previously I had been living in my step-van - one of those little right-hand drive mail delivery trucks. I just didn't have much "stuff".

With a 6'x2' window at the far end and a 4'x8' loft for sleeping suspended I had both a vista and almost twice the floor space, as it were. Rolling out of bed in the morning was a bit interesting ... a nearly 6' drop to the floor required a clear head and certain physical agility.

Now when I see how well appointed some of these tiny homes are I am very envious. But more than the appointments I am envious of the lack of "stuff". How very neat and clean these small homes appear. Oh to have such a simple life. Oh the irony of having just purchased a 10x16 'shed' (unfinished on the inside) to hold just some of my "stuff". Some of the "stuff" that owns me.

. . .