Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Un-napping - the outing of a sleeper agent.

I have been found out. "You goof!" I believe was the exact expression, offered with the highest regard. None the less, I have been outed.

I am a napper.

A sleeper agent, if you will. As such I may be awake at any hour of the day. I might have been napping but while you were fast asleep I am awake. Ha! All your dream are belong to us!

Truth be told there is absolutely no sense tossing and turning and not sleeping in the middle of the night. So relax. You just finished one nap. Work, read, ponder, muse, amuse, daydream, or just chill. Then somewhere around 3ish (AM of course) it might just be time for another nap. (Hmmmm, 3ish PM could just as well be nap time too.)

(Added Bonus: Insert serious socio-economic observation here: in agrarian based social orders people traditionally followed the daylight rule: work when it is light, sleep when it is dark. In this current cyber-social community where it is always light somewhere on the planet there is no longer that clear night-and-day distinction to be made. I am just as likely to encounter on-line friends and associates at 01:00 as I am at 13:30.)

. . .